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How Best of Discount Works

Here you earn money while buying online!

The stores pays a commission for every purchase that goes through Best of Discount;

We take this commission and split with you;

We gain with your loyalty, the store gain with your purchase and you earn discounts and cashback!

How to Use ?

Sign Up

For we identify your purchase, you need to sign up in Best of Discount. Signing up is fast and simple.

Search a Store

Type in the search bar the store name where you wanna buy.

Activate the Cashback

Now just you click the button "Activate cashback". We'll redirect you to the store and let her know that you are a member of Best of Discount.

Make your Purchase

Now that you are in the store's site, make your purchase as usual. Within a few days the store will tell us of your purchase and we will put it on your transactions history.

Bought, what now?

The Store Tell us About Your Purchase

Most stores tell us of your purchase within two days. We will send you an email and put the purchase on your transactions history

The Store confirms your purchase

Between 30 to 60 days the shop will confirm your purchase. If you do not make the payment or return the product he will cancel your purchase.

Cash Out to Your PayPal Account

When you get 5 dollars or more of confirmed cashback on your transactions you may transfer to your PayPal account for free.

Still have Questions?

Visit our FAQ